SKF Chains are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities. Tight quality controls are employed to assure product conformance to the ISO standards and the existing industrial standards mainly ANSI, BS, DIN and JIS. SKF Oil field chains are American Petroleum Institute (API) approved and each box carries the API monogram. SKF automotive chain meets the ISO/TS16949 Quality Assurance System technical specification. This specification aligns American (QS-9000), German (VDA6.1), French (EAQF) and the Italian (AVSQ) automotive quality system standards within the global automotive industry.

All SKF Chains have a normal operating temperature range of -20 to 150 C. An exception is stainless steel chains with a range of-20 to 400 C. For higher temperatures alternative lubrication should be applied. Please, also note that for temperatures over 200 C and below -20 C breaking load values are reduced.

Chain Construction

Chains have a surprising number of parts. The roller turns freely on the bushing, which is attached on each end to the inner plate. A pin passes through the bushing, and is attached at each end to the outer plate. Bicycle chains omit the bushing, instead using the circular ridge formed around the pin hole of the inner plate.

Chain Dimensions

Chain types are identified by number; ie. a number 40 chain. The rightmost digit is 0 for chain of the standard dimensions; 1 for lightweight chain; and 5 for rollerless bushing chain. The digits to the left indicate the pitch of the chain in eighths of an inch. For example, a number 40 chain would have a pitch of four-eighths of an inch, or 1/2", and would be of the standard dimensions in width, roller diameter, etc.

The roller diameter is "nearest binary fraction" (32nd of an inch) to 5/8ths of the pitch; pin diameter is half of roller diameter. The width of the chain, for "standard" (0 series) chain, is the nearest binary fraction to 5/8ths of the pitch; for narrow chains (1 series) width is 41% of the pitch. Sprocket thickness is approximately 85-90% of the roller width.

Plate thickness is 1/8th of the pitch, except "extra-heavy" chain, which is designated by the suffix H, and is 1/32" thicker.

ANSI Standard Chain Dimensions

Chain No. Pitch Roller Diameter Roller Width Sprocket thickness Working Load
25 1/4" 0.130" 1/8" 0.110" 140 lbs
35 3/8" 0.200" 3/16" 0.168" 480 lbs
40 1/2" 5/16" 5/16" 0.284" 810 lbs
41 1/2" 0.306" 1/4" 0.227" 500 lbs
50 5/8" 0.400" 3/8" 0.343" 1400 lbs
60 3/4" 15/32" 1/2" 0.459" 1950 lbs
80 1" 5/8" 5/8" 0.575" 3300 lbs
A) Roller Transmission Chain

These Chains Cover Fractional To 2000 HP Applications And Can Be Run Smoother Even Up to A Speed Of 1000 Rpm.These Are Available As Per BSS,ASA Standard In Simple, Duplex, Triplex And Multi Strand. Available Ex-STOCK In Pitches Of 3/16" To 3" In Both Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel.

B) Attachment Chain

Smooth and stable flow of materials depends on the performance of conveyor chains. These are available from 1.5" pitch to 24" pitches having breaking load up to 100 tonnes in Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel, Zinc Plated, Nylon Rollers etc.

C) Conveyor Chain

Smooth and stable flow of materials depends on the performance of conveyor chains. These are available from 1.5" pitch to 24" pitches having breaking load up to 100 tonnes in Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel, Zinc Plated, Nylon Rollers etc.

i) Hollow bearing chain

This enables attachments to be fixed to outer links by bolting through the hollow bearing pins.

ii) Solid Bearing Pin Chain

This chain, while having same gearing dimensions as the hollow bearing pin chains, has a higher breaking load rating and any attachments can be fixed

D) Bucket Elevator Chains

These chains are designed to withstand severe shock loads and are available for Centrifugal Discharge Bucket Elevators and positive Discharge Bucket Elevators. For greater tensile and fatigue strength plus wear resistance special Bucket Elevator Chains are available with K1, K2, G20, G4 attachments.

i) Pin Bush Type

This roller less chain keeps less contact between sprockets and bush in slow operation when transferring greater strength.

E) Bottling Chains (Flat Top Chains)

Ideal for continuous conveying such as bottling, canning of soft drinks, beer, food, drugs etc. Available for straight running and side flexing in materials like Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Plastics. Sizes 2" to 7 " width of 1 " & 1" pitch. Available Ex-STOCK.

F) Dairy Chains

This chain employed in 2 parallel channels. Pin edges are riveted in the counter shunks to prevent the interruption in channel and are mainly used in dairy Industry

G) P.I.V. Chains

Available as per German, English, and Czechoslovakian Standards, imported as well as indigenously made. Ring Roller Bearing P.I.V. Chains are also available.

H) Silent Chain

This is the most economical and compact drive with reduced loads resulting in long life. All sprockets and chains are as per American standard and available from 3/8 to 1" pitch and width up to 6".

I) Offset Side Bar Chains

These chains are designed to meet requirement of heavy shock load and wear resistance. They are used in the transmission of heavy plants, earth moving equipment like shovel, excavators, cranes etc. Available in various sizes from 2" pitch to 6" pitch.

J) Leaf Chains

Various sizes from 3/8" to 2" pitch as per AL, BL series are available.

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