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If demanding conditions have got you concerned, A. M. Jeewajee & Sons will help guarantee the competitive edge you need. Whether your operation requires a sanitary environment or is exposed to corrosive chemicals; is heated to extreme temperatures or run through a freezer; is exposed outdoors or affected by excess moisture, our specially designed and tested chains will outlast your current chains and contribute to a cost effective application. Where standard chains are "just fine", our Engineering Chains will show you just how far your money ought to be going - hour after uninterrupted hour of trouble-free performance.

For reliability and actual results choose the name more and more industry leaders are turning to for answers to their increasingly complex and diverse chain applications.

We've developed chains to deliver high quality performance even under the most extreme conditions.

Why Us?

In world of chain technology, where specialization is the order of the day. We are pleased to introduce ourselvs as one of the leading concern mainly engaged in dealing and manufacturing chains. As a torchbearer of the biggest quality standards in the manufacturing, we supply products to meet customers need and satisfaction.

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